Tirta Empul Temple

Tirtha Empul Temple is built around the sacred hot spring at Tampak Siring. For more than a thousand years, Balinese worshipers have been drawn to Tirta Empul Temple whose sacred is said to have been created bu Indra and to have curative properties. The tradition continues almost unchanged at the temple today. Over 1000 years old, Tirtha Empul Temple its and two bathing places have been used by the people for good health and prosperity because of the spring water's curative powers.

Once upon a time, there was a mighty king and unmatched in the area of Bali. This king named Mayadanawa a king in bali descent Daitya (giant) the son of a goddess Danu Batur. King is known for his power that is extraordinary, he was able to transform themselves into any shape he wants like being a goat, chickens, trees, rocks and others. With his power, he is able to conquer such areas makasar area, Sumbawa, Bugis, chilies and Blambangan. Because the magic and the throne he had, Mayadanawa become very arrogant and cocky. In fact, he forbade the inhabitants in bali to worship God with all its manifestations, because he did not feel there was the most powerful than himself so he ordered the inhabitants to worship him .I that authority, the people become very depressed, but they are powerless to can beat the king mayadanawa. Since that time the people became very miserable, the residents become damaged crops and many epidemics arise everywhere. Seeing this, an MPU named MPU Kul White decided to do samadhi temple Besakih to inquire of God.

After a long time he did samadhi, he finally got a revelation that led him to go to India for help. aid came from heaven led by the forces of Lord Indra along their strongest. Batara Indra then sent one of his men that Bagawan Naradha to be a spy and went into the palace of the king Mayadanawa. After getting information from the old king Raja Mayadanawa mayadanawa finally learned that his kingdom has been threatened. So King Mayadanawa prepare troops to attack the troops of Lord Indra.

Fierce battle is inevitable, but the forces of Lord Indra remains superior. Mayadanawa forces created a frenzy oeh forces of Lord Indra, but because it was late evening and even then the fighting finally stopped. Seeing his forces were defeated, Mayadanawa also act cunning to defeat the forces of Lord Indra.

Later that evening, Mayadanawa create a toxic spring was made near the resting place of the army of Lord Indra. In order for the cunning intention not known by the forces of Lord Indra, Mayadanawa crept cocked her feet to walk. Since then the place was named Tampaksiring. On the next day, the army of Lord Indra many who fell ill after drinking the toxic spring. Seeing the incident, Batara Indra then make other springs to heal the troops. Sacred spring is then referred to as the Eye of Tirta Empul.Dengan drinking fountain Tirta Empul it, the forces of Lord Indra returned cured.

Mayadanawa The chase was resumed. Knowing this, Mayadanawa had wanted to hide by changing himself into a variety of forms but remain informed of Lord Indra. In the end, Mayadanawa transform itself into Batu Paras, Batara Indra then the arrows sandstone and eventually King Mayadanawa doomed.
Mayadanawa death was later commemorated by the Hindu community in Bali as a warning Galungan, which implies "Darma victory against Adarma".
That is the history of temple Tirta Empul we now know as the temple where pelukatan or place of purification for Hindus in Bali.