Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water Palace, which by the local people is called as Taman Soekasada Ujung, was built in 1919. The launching of complex of Ujung Water Palace was performed in 1912 and inaugurated guest such as king or the chief executive foreigners who visited the kingdom of Karangasem, The invasion of the the Netherlands in 1908 where the regents status under the Dutch colonial and the King of karangasem given powers to regulate regional and wealth. Then I Gusti Jelantik titled Ida Anak Agung Anglurah Karangasem was the last king who ruled the East Bali from 1909 until 1945. The King of Karangasem on this period was the architect of Ujung Water Palace.

Ujung Water Palace is a beautiful park with big fish pond surround the old Karangasem Empire heritage building which is used by the Karangasem's King for day relaxation or meeting place in their era. It is located in Ujung Countryside about 5 Km from Amlapura Town. Ujung Water Palace is originally met one pool only which is very secret called by Di Dirah and this pool at the period of I Gusti Gede Putu King (1849-1893) governance with his brother of  Gede Oka (1849-1890)that the round of this pool is functioned as place of exile for the man who alleged to run the black magic (leak). At the period of I Gusti Bagus Jelantik governance which start to lead the Karangasem Kingdom in the year 1909, this pool area is extended and developed some pools and also luxury building Bale Gili with european style (Modern Style), then called by Taman Sukasada/ Taman Ujung Sukasada Karangasem and known as a Ujung Water Palace.